30 Minute Meals

30 minute meals have to be a life-saver on most days.

The key to budget meal planning is being prepared. I used to be hopelessly disorganized and constantly frustrated that I couldn't churn out healthy dinner recipes, because I didn't have the ingredients at hand. But, juggling a busy schedule and kids has meant that I have had to bring a modicum of order to the way I go about cooking nutritious meals - hence this budget meal planning scheme.

There is an array of healthy meals here: most are low fat low calorie recipes!  

Simple Chicken Recipes

Easy Beef Recipes

Be smart!

Use leftovers from a whole chicken recipe for the following simple chicken recipes...

Whenever I cook one oven baked whole chicken, I never put just one chicken into the oven. I always add a second chicken.  One lot of washing and electricity, but two or three meals for the same amount of effort.  Meal planning is around being savvy with your time. Invariably, I think about what meals I can get out of the original meal...

Now, experiment with the following chicken leftover meals - who said that that quick easy meals had to be dull?

Chicken Pasta Recipes

Easy Stir Fry Recipes

These easy stir fry recipes will help you out of a tight situation on many nights!  They have the added advantage of being low fat low calorie recipes, for the most part.  In our family, leftovers from stir fries inevitably make their way into the next day's lunch boxes - delicious and nutritious.

30 minute meals are made easier if you make friends with your freezer...

Make use of your freezer to ensure more 30 minute meals: batch cook quantities of Tomato Sauce Recipe which can be added to Easy Chicken Parmesan Recipe or Chickpea Curry Recipe. Freeze leftovers for later use: for example leftover topping from Baked Fish Recipe with Pecan, Coriander and Parmesan Crust can be frozen and used for Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe.

This tomato sauce can then be added to a host of recipes, such as the following...

Recipe for Chicken Parmesan

Oven Baked Fish with Fresh Tomato Sauce and Cheese

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