Monthly Meal Planning Menus Made Easy!


  • No inspiration for supper?
  • At the checkout late afternoon?
  • Missing the one vital ingredient?
  • This is where easy meal planning comes in! Let's face it! We've all been there. Nothing is more draining than that nagging feeling as it gets towards evening..."What are we going to eat tonight?"

  • Imagine 365 different meals in the year!
  • Budget meals
  • Easy summer meals
  • Crockpot meals
  • Healthy kids' meals
  • And many more nutritious ideas!
  • Seasonal meal planning is the fast way to create interesting, healthy meals on a daily basis. Downloads include:

  • Monthly Meal Plans
  • Recipes
  • Ensure that nothing goes to waste! With smart shopping and clever schedules you will find that you save money as well as produce delicious, economical meals. Cut out junk food and cook from scratch! This needn't be a chore if you follow the easy system!

    Each meal is nutritious and tasty! Menus include meat, fish and vegetarian dishes to appeal to the whole family.

    Far from being constricting, this system allows you to have fun in the kitchen because:

  • all your ingredients are at hand
  • bulk and freezer cooking save you on those really hectic days when there is just no time to cook - simply defrost a nutritious family meal!
  • leftovers are used to make entirely new time-saving dinners
  • Every schedule comes with daily recipes and grocery lists. There are also smart tips and time-saving ideas.

  • Change the way you think about daily cooking. Make memorable mealtimes! Your family and friends will love you for it!

    Easy Summer Recipes
    Easy Summer Recipes for July feature summer picnic recipes, healthy breakfast recipes, summer dessert recipes and lots of summer dinner recipes. Enjoy budget meal planning.
    Summer Dinner Recipes
    Summer dinner recipes for June feature healthy meal planning ideas. Heart healthy recipes include easy ground beef recipes and lots of easy summer recipes. Save time, money and your sanity!
    Healthy Dinner Recipes
    Healthy Dinner Recipes for May feature a selection of 30 minute meals as well as other easy healthy recipes. There are lots of clever ideas to fulfill your budget meal planning needs.
    Easy Healthy Recipes
    Here is a selection of easy healthy recipes for April. You will find the best ground beef recipes, boneless chicken breast recipes, healthy breakfast recipes and Easter desserts.
    Recipes for Healthy Food
    March's recipes for healthy food feature the best ground beef recipes, a new recipe for chicken breast and other recipes for healthy food. Download the free monthly meal planner and recipes.
    Easy Dinner Recipes
    Easy dinner recipes are a feature of February's monthly meal planning. The healthy diet plan includes easy recipes for ground beef and a rotisserie chicken recipe. Delicious leftover recipes too.
    Healthy Meal Recipe
    There is a healthy meal recipe for almost every day in January's budget meal planning. The best ground beef recipes and other delicious healthy dinner recipes are available for free download.
    Budget Meal Planning for December
    Budget meal planning for December is not just about ham leftover recipes! Included are the best ground beef recipes and a new baked boneless chicken breast recipe. Lots of quick easy dinner ideas.
    Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes - Meal Planning for November
    November meal planning features healthy Thanksgiving recipes and easy dessert recipes which include a fresh Pumpkin Pie recipe. Loads of healthy dinner recipes. Save money, time and your sanity!
    Meals on a Budget for October
    "Meals on a budget for October" offers inspiring meal planning ideas. Easy dinner recipes include chicken salad recipes using leftovers from a baked whole chicken with BBQ rub. Easy and delicious.
    Healthy Meal Planning
    Healthy Meal Planning for September features free main meals and clever leftovers. Experiment with chicken pasta dishes, barbeque dry rub recipes and a salsa recipe for canning tomatoes. Have fun!
    Quick Summer Recipes
    Budget Meal Planning for August features quick summer recipes. Exciting barbeque recipes include grilled chicken marinades and barbeque dry rub ingredients. Meal planning saves you time and money.
    30 Minute Meals
    These 30 minute meals offer a variety of healthy dinner recipes. Ideal for those who are budget meal planning; most are low fat low calorie recipes. Delicious and nutritious!
    Quick Easy Dinner Ideas
    We all need quick easy dinner ideas. There is no need to eat take-outs when you can make these quick easy meals from scratch. Free budget meal planning ideas for fish, meat, chicken and desserts.
    Quick Easy Chicken Recipes
    These quick easy chicken recipes include bbq chicken recipes, a rotisserie chicken recipe, chicken salad recipes and healthy grilled chicken recipes. Save time and money with our ideas for leftovers.
    Turkey Breast Recipes
    Turkey breast recipes are versatile and nutritious. Quick to prepare, they can substitute for chicken in most recipes ie Turkey a la King and Turkey Burgers. Inexpensive and tasty.
    Easy Beef Recipes
    These easy beef recipes range from an Old Fashioned Beef Stew and to a delectable tenderloin. Lots of budget meal planning ideas and easy dinner recipes to save you time and money.
    Easy Recipes for Ground Beef
    Easy recipes for Ground Beef. Tasty meals the family will love. Ground Beef Casserole Recipes, Meatball Recipes, Beef Burger Recipes and more.
    Lamb Recipes
    These Lamb recipes feature homely Shepherd's Pie and a Lamb Tagine recipe. Try entertaining with Slow Cooked Greek Style Roast Lamb. Plus, many more leg of lamb recipes.
    Healthy Fish Recipes - Baked Fish with Pecan, Coriander and Parmesan Crust
    Try our healthy fish recipes. From oven baked fish recipes to the best grilled salmon recipe; recipes for entertaining to budget-wise cooking. All heart healthy recipes. Easy and delicious.
    Easy Pasta Recipes
    If you are wanting to know how to make pasta sauce, you will find the solution within these easy pasta recipes - from chicken pasta dishes to the best baked macaroni cheese recipe.
    Simple Vegetarian Recipes
    Pack vitamins and minerals into your diet with these simple vegetarian recipes. Easy vegetable recipes include Vegetarian Lasagna and Moussaka, Chickpea Curry and raw vegetable recipes.
    Easy Soup Recipes
    These easy soup recipes vary from light broths to hearty winter fare. Homemade soup recipes offer a healthy alternative. Enjoy budget meal planning with a Meatball Soup recipe and Chicken Soup.
    Easy Quiche Recipes
    Here is a selection of easy quiche recipes. The crustless quiche recipe is so versatile that you can create a number of different spinach quiche recipes from it. Plenty of other clever ideas.
    Vegetable Salad Recipes
    Choose from our selection of vegetable salad recipes. Our heart healthy recipes include green salad recipes, fresh spinach recipes and lots of meal planning ideas. Main meal salads and side salads.
    Vegetable Side Dish Recipes
    Vegetable side dish recipes are integral to budget meal planning. Healthy vegetable recipes and baked vegetable recipes feature strongly. Wide variety of nutritious, easy vegetable recipes.
    Sauce Recipes
    These sauce recipes, dip recipes and dry rub recipes will enhance your meals: a homemade bbq sauce recipe transforms a simple steak into a treat. Plenty of easy dinner recipes which maximise sauces.
    Healthy Breakfast Recipes
    These healthy breakfast recipes will get you off on the right foot. Choose from a Granola Recipe, Healthy Blueberry Muffins, Mango Lassi Recipe or many more recipes for healthy food.
    Simple Dessert Recipes
    Do you need simple dessert recipes? Choose from a variety of healthy dessert recipes, summer dessert recipes, strawberry dessert recipes, Christmas dessert recipes and more! The best pies too!
    Healthy Muffin Recipes
    With a few healthy muffin recipes in your repertoire, you are away: Healthy Blueberry Muffins, a Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin recipe or a Corn Muffin recipe. There is also a selection of cupcake recipes.
    Easy Cookie Recipes
    Our free, easy cookie recipes range from Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and other healthy cookie recipes to Christmas Cookie recipes. Get the family involved and have fun making homemade cookies!
    Best Cake Recipes
    The best cake recipes are EASY cake recipes. Do you want to have fun family quality time? Bake a cake together - what better way to celebrate family life!
    Cold Picnic Food Recipes
    Cold picnic food recipes include easy quiches, whole chicken recipes and easy dessert recipes. Picnic food recipes galore!
    Monthly Meal Planning
    Monthly Meal Planning
    Meal Planning
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    Quick Dinner Recipes
    Quick dinner recipes are offered in our monthly meal plans. Nutritious main meals, clever leftovers. Save time and money whilst cooking delicious meals.